Montalegre (Portugal), 19 July 2019 – This weekend the first edition of the FIM S1 Supermoto WorldCup will be held at the circuit of Circuito Internacional de Montalegre in Montalegre, Portugal. For this very special Supermoto event the circuit of Montalegre has been renewed and updated with a new off-road section and extra asphalt during the last weeks to ensure the circuit was perfect for the teams, riders and the spectators. The circuit of Montalegre has some fast and slow corners combined with a new technical off-road section. Also the venue of the Circuito Internacional has prefect accommodations to host this international event and to make it an great success. With 25 riders and teams from 11 countries worldwide present in Portugal combined with the good weather predictions and a great venue, the battle for the Worldcup title will be full of action and tension.

After an absence in 2018, the Supermoto World championship is back in 2019 with the FIM S1 Supermoto WorldCup. This year the World title will be a one-event championship so the title Is open for every rider. The last World championship title in 2017 was for TM Factory Racing rider Thomas Chareyre and the fast Frenchman off-course is one of the biggest favourites for the WorldCup title this weekend as well. At TM Factory Racing, Chareyre will have Italian rider Diego Monticelli as teammate and the young French rider Steve Bonnal who is trained and supported by Chareyre.

The successful team of Phoenix Racing has also travelled to the mountains of Portugal with their strong top riders Markus Class, Elia Sammartin, Nicolas Cousin and also for this event Czech rider Milan Sitniansky. The team did some races in the Spanish championship to  prepare the riders perfectly. With good results all season, Markus Class is going for the WorldCup  title head on with the other top riders but for sure with his teammates.

For the yellow team of Suzuki Grau Racing, the race in Montalegre is almost a home event. The Spanish team from Angel Grau will have three riders in Portugal. Spanish rider Jaume Gaya will be accompanied by Brazilian riders Marcelo Silverio and Pedro Rehn. Beside these riders, the team will also support Petr Vorlicek from TMS Tuning Motorsport,  who will also be riding the FIM S1 Supermoto WorldCup this weekend.

One team is preparing itself for this weekend already from the start of the Supermoto season. The oldest team in the paddock, MTR KTM from Franco Mollo, has prepared their bikes especially for this race and will have three extra riders at the start next to Finnish rider Eero Madisson who is riding the complete season for MTR. French rider Laurent Fath is back at the starting grid for the first time this season. The Italian team has also a special guest rider in the team. After stopping with Supermoto few years ago , Austrian rider Lukas Hollbacher is back with number 72. Hollbacher will try to go for the title but the strong competition will not make this easy. MTR KTM is completed by local Portuguese rider Hugo Silva.

Leader of the S2 Junior Cup, German Husqvarna rider Jannick Hintz also decided to travel to Portugal and will try to set his best result of the season. Also SBD Union Bike rider Giovanni Bussei will be behind the start gate again after missing the last race of the S2 champiosnhip in Poznan. Besides the regular teams and riders of the Supermoto European championship, a large number of local Portuguese riders and other international riders will attend to this unique FIM S1 Supermoto Worldcup event. From France and Martinique three fast riders will be present. LUC1 Honda rider Germain Vincenot, 2Roues Yamaha rider Axel Marie-Luce and Honda rider Emerick Bunod will try to set some good results during the S1 WorldCup. Next to Hugo Silva from MTR KTM, the hosting country of Portugal has five more riders present in the paddock of Montalegre. Filipe Marques, Ivo Gracio, Nuno Pinto and Sergio together with Nuno Rego will be the proud Portuguese contenders on their home ground.

In total 25 riders from 11 countries will start this weekend at the FIM S1 Supermoto WorldCup This weekend it will be an unique event with an international field of factory teams , private teams and riders from around the world. The action for the WorldCup title will for sure be full of tension and action.

In the photo: Circuit Montalegre