Martigny (Switzerland) 5 June 2020 – XIEM is pleased to announce that the cooperation and sponsorship relationship with the City of Sestriere continues. The well-known international alpine tourist resort after having hosted with big success two Rounds of the Supermoto European Championship in 2018 and 2019 will continue to remain close to Supermoto even if this year it will not be the venue for a race; 2020 was a very busy year for local authorities for health emergencies but Sestriere managed to maintain a very high quality standard, happy oasis as regards the Covid emergency with excellent prospects to resume the summer season just around the corner and think optimistically about the next winter season.

Gianni Poncet  – Sestriere Mayor  : “We have always been close to the motors world, since the origins of Sestriere. Ours is a tourist resort that welcomes 360 ° sportsmen both in summer and in winter. Not only skiing but many other sporting disciplines and leading motorsport events such as the historic car race  Cesana-Sestriere, motorbike rallies In Moto Oltre le Nuvole and Sanremo-Sestriere and, in more recent times, Supermoto. And then there are summer football and multisport camps and the Giro d’Italia which will arrive with us this year at the end of October. An event that will project us towards the next winter season that will be the springboard for a new appointment with the Ski World Cup. All this in view of being able to return again soon to host a Supermoto Grand Prix with great news for riders and the public and make  an unique event ”

In the photo: Sestriere panoramic view