Martigny (Switzerland) – 23 October 2021 – Marc-Reiner Schmidt, 1995 class, born in Friedrichshafen, Germany, after a great season, won his first S1GP Title. The german rider started the year with  a first overall position at the first S1GP of Abruzzo, got a second overall in Czech Republic,  third place in Spain, winner of S1GP of Sestriere and the third place at the last round of Lombardia guaranteed him the gold medal.

Schmidt said : “2021 was an amazing season for me! A lot of up‘s and down’s but with the most race wins in the world championship I secured my first World Champion title.  It‘s my dream, since day one on my bike. Feels amazing to be the best Supermoto on the World!”

Giorgio Ampolo – Phoenix Team Manager said: “a suffered season with the title victory obtained in the last race but Marc’s ability turned out to be the best. I want to thank the rider, all my team, the FIM, the Promoter Xiem and the organizers for all the work done this year. ”

Marc-Reiner Schmidt Palmares:

2014: International Swiss Champion Prestige

2015: European Champion, Interational of Italia Champion, Superbiker Mettet winner

2016: 2nd S1GP

2017: 3rd S1GP

2018: Superbiker Mettet winner

2020: 2nd S1GP, International of Italia Champion

2021: S1GP World Champion , Superbiker Mettet winner

About the rider:

Hometown: Meckenbeuren (Germany)

Hobbys: Supermoto/ Motorcoss/ Superbike/  Mountainbike/ Fitness

“The best feeling I ever had, is to cross the finish line and win a race. More excited is just to win a World Championship Title, like I did it 2021. Pizza and Coke is what I need, after a hard day of training”.

In the photo: Phoenix Team Group


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