Mettet (Belgium), 30 July 2022 – For the first time, the best riders from 13 different nations compete in Belgium. The first day of the FIM SuperMoto of Nations saw the Tricolour  “Bleu, Blanc, Rouge” hoisted in victory reminding all of the dominance of the French cartel today. In the nations ranking, France leads ahead of Italy and Belgium. Frenchmen Thomas Chareyre (first in the qualifying race of group rider 1), Nicolas Cousin (first in the qualifying race of group rider 2) and Sylvain Bidart (third in the qualifying race of group rider 3) have pushed their flag to the top. For Italy, Filipetti (eleventh in the qualifying race of group rider 1), Monticelli (second in the qualifying race of group rider 2) and Sammartin (second in the qualifying race of group rider 3) secured their country second place. Finally, Belgium took the third step thanks to Romain Kaivers (second in the qualifying race of group rider 1), Kevin Vieilvoye (third in the qualifying race of group rider 2) and Romeo Fiorentino (fourth in the qualifying race of group rider 3).

Qualifying race – Group Rider 1

The first qualification race of the day saw multiple world champion Thomas Chareyre immediately stamp his superiority over the competition. After taking pole position in his group, he led from the line and continued to increase the gap throughout the heat. In the pursuit pack the fight developed for the other positions, with the Belgian Romain Kaivers quickly dominating for second. At the halfway point, the Italian Filippetti fell with a huge loss of time, meanwhile a nip and tuck battle was raging between Axel Marie-Luce and Raoul Tschupp keeping the crowds engaged, Tschupp riding for Team Switzerland finally took the last podium slot. In the lower orders Peter Mayerbuchler, Loucas Capone, Patrick Pals and Hampus Gustafsson fought for the sixth place.

Qualifying race – Group 1 (TOP 10)

CHAREYRE Thomas (FRA, TM)12 laps in 20.47.612, 2. KAIVERS Romain (BEL, TM) +12.529 ; 3. TSCHUPP Raoul (SUI, TM) +19.600 ; 4. MARIE-LUCE Axel (FRA, TM) +20.125; 5. GAYA Jaume (ESP, KTM) +41.444; 6. CAPONE Loucas (BEL, Honda) +46.265: 7. PALS Patrick (EST, TM) +48.761; 8. MAYERBUCHLER Peter (GER, Husqvarna) +50.058; 9. GUSTAFFSON Hampus (SWE, GasGas) +50.315; 10. HODGSON Chris (GBR, KTM) +1:09.312

Qualifying race – Group Rider 2

Team Spain’s Julen Avila made a blistering start off the line: from the third row, he catapulted into the lead. Unfortunately, the Italian Diego Monticelli passed him on the first lap while Belgian rider Kevin Viellevoye scythed through the field moving up from sixth to third. On the fourth lap, Frenchman Nicolas Cousin set his best time and took the lead. The positions were fixed for the podium with Nicolas Cousin (FRA), Diego Monticelli (ITA) and Kevin Viellevoye (BEL). Team France Junior rider Youri Catherine was at the foot of the podium at the 4th place. The fight for the lower orders was again heated, Gotzl (SUI), Duncan (GBR), Avila (ESP), Madisson (EST) and Joannidis (GER) who respectively finish at positions 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.

Qualifying race – Group 2 (TOP 10)

COUSIN Nicolas (FRA, Yamaha), 12 laps in 21.00.383; 2. MONTICELLI Diego Monticelli (ITA, Honda) +06.992; 3. VIEILLEVOYE Kevin (BEL, Husqvarna) +15.886; 4. CATHERINE Youry (FRA, Honda) +18.764; 5. GOTZL Randy (SUI, Husqvarna) +29.981; 6. DUNCAN Jamie (GBR, KTM) +32.612; 7. AVILA Julen (ESP, Honda) +40.672; 8. MADISSON Eero (EST, KTM) +44.150; 9. JOANNIDIS Nico (GER, Husqvarna) +51.322; 10. GILLISSON Thomas (SWE, TM) +1:01083

Qualifying race – Group Rider 3

The last qualification of the day was dominated by Team Germany’s Marc-Reiner Schmidt dominating from the lights and was never worried during the entire heat. As Schmidt rode off into the distance to take his podium the crowds attention was again focused on the intense battle for places in the second half of the top 10. On the seventh lap, Frenchman Sylvain Bidart, third, came back on the Italian rider Elia Sammartin, second with barely a cigarette paper between then on the final straight he tried to make a pass but the Italian held for third with bitter determination.

Qualifying race – Group 3 (TOP 10)

SCHMIDT Marc-Reiner (GER,TM) 12 laps in 20:44.846;2. SAMMARTIN Elia (ITA, TM) +5.382;3. BIDART Sylvain (FRA,Honda) +6.164; 4. FIORENTINO Romeo (BEL, Honda) +20.435; 5. BONNAL Steve (FRA, TM) +26.037; 6. FAGRE Kevin (SWE,TM) +40.269; 7. RODRIGUEZ Alejandro (ESP, Honda) +51.518; 8. KRASNIQI Mitja (SUI,TM) +54.821; 9. SMITH Jay (GBR, Honda) +55.908; 10 FRECH Eddy (GER, GasGas) +1:01.301

TEAMS QUALIFYING (TOP TEN): 1. France  Pts. 2; 2. Italy  Pts. 4; 3. Belgium  Pts. 5; 4. France Jr  Pts. 8; 5. Switzerland Pts. 8; 6. Germany  Pts. 9; 7. Belgium Jr  Pts. 10; 8. Spain Jr  Pts. 12; 9. Sweden  Pts. 15; 10. Great Britain Pts. 15


Just like their elders, the young Frenchmen (Axel Marie-Luce, Youry Catherine and Steve Bonnal) took first place. On the other hand, the young Belgians (Romeo Fiorentino, Loucas Capone and Nicolas Vandommele) bettered their Seniors and proudly climbed to the second step of the podium this Saturday evening. They will have to watch out for the Spanish juniors (Jaume Gaya, Julen Avila and Alejandro Rodriguez) on the third place who dream to dethrone them.

The complete results are available here.


Circuit length: 2.199 Mt.

Straight line: length 609 Mt., width 14 Mt.

Supermoto circuit (71.8% asphalt and 28.2% off-road)

Temperature: 24°

Weather conditions: Sunny

Long straights, fast and tight corners, four dirt sections highlight the qualities of the riders.

The weather conditions today were excellent: warm and dry.

The Supermoto of Nations will be broadcasted delayed, click HERE to access the full tv listing.

Timetable Sunday: 13:30 Race 1 / Rider 1 + Rider 2; 15:10 Race 2 / Rider 2 + Rider 3; 16:50 Race 3 / Rider 1 + Rider 3; Prize Giving Ceremony

In the photo: #3 Sylvain Bidart (Team France) @credid by Davide Messora