Alessandro Morosi (Gazza Racing Honda) conquered a phenomenal pole position in front of TM factory riders Ruiz Jemenez and Kevin Vandi. Matej Kokes (Husqvarna) starred in the Junior category.

Castelletto di Branduzzo (Italy), 24 September 2022 – Uncertain weather featured the very final appointment of the S4 European Championship. The rain fallen during the day increased the level of difficulty of the Italian track whose conditions went from dry to wet.


S4 Free Practices

Kevin Vandi (L30 Racing TM Factory) set the fastest time in the free practices, despite the wet conditions of the track. The rider was followed by Alessandro Morosi (Gazza Racing Honda) and Loris Ford Dumm (Husqvarna).


S4 Time Practice

Riders were the protagonists of an exciting battle for the pole position, where three of them stood out for their race pace and courage. The trio switched places over and over again for all the 20 minutes available and Kevin Vandi (L30 Racing TM Factory) prevailed over rivals, followed by Ruiz Jemenez (L30 Racing TM Factory) and Alessandro Morosi (Gazza Racing Honda). Morosi was the author of the fastest time set with just a few laps to go; the Gazza Racing Team rider sustained a high level of performance and constantly improved it till the chequered flag when he secured his first place. Alex Ruiz Jemenez and Kevin Vandi were second and third respectively.      


S4 Time Practice Top Ten:

MOROSI Alessandro (ITA, Honda) 1:22.280; 2. RUIZ JIMENEZ Alex (ESP, TM) 1:23.470; 3. VANDI Kevin (ITA, TM) 1:23.850; 4. FORD DUNN Loris (GBR, Husqvarna) 1:25.082; 5. CRAVOTTO Giorgio (ITA, Honda) 1:25.162; 6. DELONG Alexis (FRA, TM) 1:25.985; 7. ZAHORAK Kevin (GER, Husqvarna) 1:27.474; 8. MCMAHON William (USA, Husqvarna) 1:29.665; 9. TSCHOPP Janik (SUI, Husqvarna) 1:30.070; 10. YAHAYA Khairulamirin (MAS, Husqvarna) 1:30.154;


SM Junior Free Practices

Czech Matej Kokes (Husqvarna) took the fastest time and finished in front of Estonian riders Mathias Vetkin (TM) and Rasmus Ebelmann, third.    


SM Junior Time Practice

Matej Kokes (Husqvarna) was the best rider among the youngest challengers of the Junior category. Despite the wet conditions of the track Matej found the perfect feeling and got up to speed lap after lap thanks to a perfect race pace opening an unbridgeable gap over his rivals. Mathias Vetkin (TM) and home rider Andrea Benvenuti (KTM) followed Matej, in second and third position. Spanish rider and Championship leader Roman Godino had a hard time with the wet track and classified sixth.


SM Junior Time Practice Top Ten:

KOKES Matej (CZE, Husqvarna) 2:19.313; 2. VETKIN Mathias (EST, TM) 2:25.102; 3. BENVENUTI Andrea (ITA, KTM) 2:25.540; 4. MOOSES Robin Robert (EST, Husqvarna) 2:26.021; 5. EBELMANN Rasmus (EST, Husqvarna) 2:26.918; 6. GODINO Ramon (ESP, Yamaha) 2:26.953; 7. BERECZKI David Zsolt (HUN, Husqvarna) 2:30.405; 8. ANDREOTTI Matteo (ITA, TM) 2:30.486; 9. MOOSES Rita Liisa (EST, Husqvarna) 2:30.895; 10. MONICA Gabriele (ITA, TM) 2:32.619; 11. MAIMONTE Mattia (BEL, TM) 2:33.937;


Time Table:

Sunday: S4 WarmUp 9.35; SMJ WarmUp 10.00; S4 Race1 11.20; SMJ Race1 12.35; S4 Race2 14.40 (Prize-Giving Cermony after the podium); SMJ Race2 16.00 (Prize-Giving Cermony after the podium); 


Complete results available HERE.

In the photo: #19 Alberto Morosi – S4




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