Busca (ITALY) 30 April – The rainy day did not stop the show at the Kart Planet circuit of Busca. Double podium for the L30 Racing TM Team with Vandi first and Ruiz second. Double victory for Andrea Benvenuti in the SM Junior.   

S4 Race 1

With a tremendous start, Alex Jimenez Ruiz (L30 Racing TM Factory) took control of the S4 Race 1 soon after the start, chased by Francisco Requena Gomez (Husqvarna) and Kevin Vandi (L30 Racing TM Factory). The second lap saw a dramatic turn of events when Ruiz slipped, and Vandi took advantage of the situation to overtake Gomez and move up to first place. The rider of the L30 Racing Team set an unbeatable race pace and opened a solid gap over rivals, eventually winning the race. Behind the race leader, Gomez and Lorenzo Papalini (L30 Racing TM Factory) were the protagonists of a hard-fought battle. Papalini crashed while trying to overtake his rival, so that the Spanish rider got the green light for the second spot. Alex Ruiz ran from the last position and qualified third after a tremendous recovery.

S4 Race 1 Top Ten:

VANDI Kevin (ITA, TM) 14 laps in 19:05.758; 2. GOMEZ REQUENA Francisco (ESP, husqvarna) +26.306; 3. RUIZ JIMENEZ Alex (ESP, TM) +39.443; 4. SCIORSCI Alex (ITA, Honda) +44.354; 5. NAVARRIA Antonino Achille (ITA, Honda) +50.161; 6. DELONG Alexis (FRA, TM) +1:13.095; 7. ULLRICH Paul (GER, TM) +1:14.472; 8. PAPALINI Lorenzo (ITA, TM) +1 Lap; 9. STAAB Marie-Louise (GER, TM) +1 Lap; 10. KANCHEV Krasen (BUL, KTM) 0 laps in 00.000

S4 Race 2

As the red lights blinked off Alex Jimenez Ruiz (L30 Racing TM Factory) stretched away at the front to take the lead, followed by team-mate Kevin Vandi (L30 Racing TM Factory). Vandi pressed team-mate for the first laps so that he made a mistake in the fourth one and Vandi could overtake him. Kevin pulled away for a solo victory. During the race Ruiz had to defend himself from Francisco Requena Gomez (Husqvarna), who tried to take the second position away from him.    

After the two resounding victories, Kevin Vandi won the GP followed by team-mate Alex Jimenez Ruiz. Francisco Requena Gomez was third.  

S4 Race 2 Top Ten:

VANDI Kevin (ITA, TM) 14 laps in 19:01.142; 2. RUIZ JIMENEZ Alex (ESP, TM) +03.031; 3. GOMEZ REQUENA Francisco (ESP, husqvarna) +03.747; 4. PAPALINI Lorenzo (ITA, TM) +48.529; 5. SCIORSCI Alex (ITA, Honda) +50.750; 6. NAVARRIA Antonino Achille (ITA, Honda) +1:00.593; 7. ULLRICH Paul (GER, TM) +1:21.298; 8. STAAB Marie-Louise (GER, TM) +2 Laps; 9. DELONG Alexis (FRA, TM) +11 Laps; 10. KANCHEV Krasen (BUL, KTM) 0 laps in 00.000

S4 Classification Top Ten:

VANDI Kevin (ITA, TM) Pts. 50,000 (25+25); 2. RUIZ JIMENEZ Alex (ESP, TM) Pts. 42,000 (20+22); 3. GOMEZ REQUENA Francisco (ESP, husqvarna) Pts. 42,000 (22+20); 4. SCIORSCI Alex (ITA, Honda) Pts. 34,000 (18+16); 5. PAPALINI Lorenzo (ITA, TM) Pts. 31,000 (13+18); 6. NAVARRIA Antonino Achille (ITA, Honda) Pts. 31,000 (16+15); 7. ULLRICH Paul (GER, TM) Pts. 28,000 (14+14); 8. DELONG Alexis (FRA, TM) Pts. 27,000 (15+12); 9. STAAB Marie-Louise (GER, TM) Pts. 25,000 (12+13); 10. KANCHEV Krasen (BUL, KTM) Pts. 0,000 (0+0)

SM Junior Race 1

The SM Junior featured a breathtaking battle among the top three riders of the standings. Matej Kokes (Husqvarna) was chased by Nathan Terraneo (KTM) and Andrea Benvenuti (KTM), but the Czech rider did not manage to stretch away and leave rivals behind. Andrea Benvenuti prevailed over Terraneo and went after the race leader, trying to overtake him multiple times. Kokes slipped at the beginning of the final lap and handed the victory straight to Benvenuti, who finished in front of Terraneo.


SM Junior Race 1 Top Ten:

BENVENUTI Andrea (ITA, KTM) 10 laps in 15:54.803; 2. TERRANEO Nathan (SUI, KTM) +01.518; 3. KOKES Matej (CZE, Husqvarna) +18.180; 4. EBELMANN Rasmus (EST, Husqvarna) +49.130; 5. MAIMONTE Mattia (BEL, TM) +1:02.883; 6. ANDREOTTI Riccardo (ITA, KTM) +1:05.356; 7. CORNOLTI Daniele (ITA, TM) +1:05.899; 8. IVANOVA Polina (BUL, Kawasaki) +1 Lap; 9. BERECZKI David Zsolt (HUN, Husqvarna) +1 Lap; 10. BANG Lorenz (GER, KTM) +1 Lap


SM Junior Race 2

Nathan Terraneo (KTM) was the author of a phenomenal start and led the race followed by Matej Kokes (Husqvarna) and Race 1 winner Andrea Benvenuti (KTM). Terrano tried to open a gap but could not make it. Kokes crashed halfway through the race, so Benvenuti moved forward and chased Terraneo. The Italian rider attacked his rival on the final lap and won Race 2.


SM Junior Classification Top Ten:

BENVENUTI Andrea (ITA, KTM) Pts. 50,000 (25+25); 2. TERRANEO Nathan (SUI, KTM) Pts. 44,000 (22+22); 3. KOKES Matej (CZE, Husqvarna) Pts. 40,000 (20+20); 4. EBELMANN Rasmus (EST, Husqvarna) Pts. 36,000 (18+18); 5. ANDREOTTI Riccardo (ITA, KTM) Pts. 31,000 (15+16); 6. MAIMONTE Mattia (BEL, TM) Pts. 31,000 (16+15); 7. CORNOLTI Daniele (ITA, TM) Pts. 28,000 (14+14); 8. MOOSES Robin Robert (EST, Husqvarna) Pts. 23,000 (10+13); 9. IVANOVA Polina (BUL, Kawasaki) Pts. 23,000 (13+10); 10. BANG Lorenz (GER, KTM) Pts. 22,000 (11+11).


Complete results available HERE.



Circuit length: 1602 mt

Temperature: 13°

Weather conditions: Rain

In the photo: S4 Podium



Busca International Circuit

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