Pleven (Bulgaria), 16 July 2023 – The show offered by the S1GP on the second racing day of the weekend was definitely astonishing and the crowd who filled the bleachers went wild. Lukas Hollbacher (MTR Ktm Racing) came home with the second victory of the season after finishing in front of Marc Reiner Schmidt (L30 Racing Tm Factory) while Elia Sammartin (L30 Racing Tm Factory) was third.

S1GP FastRace

The Fast Race was featured by a hand-to-hand battle among the top three riders of the standings. Hollbacher was the fastest and took the lead in front of Marc Reiner Schmidt. The Austrian rider kept the lead for the first laps but was overtaken by his German rival who tried to pull away and open a gap but failed. Halfway through the race Hollbacher tried to overtake Schmidt but the duo had a contact, so Thomas Chareyre made the best out of it and overtook both of them. Hollbacher tried to step forward and took a great risk by riding on the curb at the entrance of the sky section. Luckily the rider did not slip but allowed Schmidt to pull away and take the victory. Third place went to Thomas Chareyre. In the Rookie the victory went to Tim Slazai (Husqvarna), while current series leader Steve Bonnal (TC4R1 Racing) slipped and dropped to the final positions.

S1GP FastRace Top Ten:

SCHMIDT Marc Reiner (GER, TM) 11 laps in 15:01.321; 2. HOLLBACHER Lukas (AUT, KTM) +00.261; 3. CHAREYRE Thomas (FRA, TM) +08.895; 4. SAMMARTIN Elia (ITA, TM) +12.795; 5. SITNIANSKY Milan (CZE, Honda) +13.301; 6. SZALAI Tim (FRA, Husqvarna) +24.835; 7. IVANOV Maykal Grisha (BUL, Husqvarna) +29.043; 8. BUSCHBERGER Andreas (AUT, Husqvarna) +29.246; 9. KRASNIQI Mitja (SUI, TM) +32.531; 10. KAIVERS Romain (BEL, TM) +39.633

S1GP FastRace Rookie Top Ten:

SZALAI Tim (FRA, Husqvarna) 11 laps in 15:26.156; 2. BUSCHBERGER Andreas (AUT, Husqvarna) +04.411; 3. KRASNIQI Mitja (SUI, TM) +07.696; 4. BONNAL Steve (FRA, TM) +16.579; 5. STUCCHI Andrea (ITA, TM) +18.921; 6. REIMER Nicky (USA, TM) +26.562; 7. FIORENTINO Romeo (BEL, Honda) +34.411; 8. MONTI Jacopo (ITA, Honda) +42.539; 9. IVANOV Slavomir (BUL, TM) +1 Lap; 10. IVANOV Veselin (BUL, Honda) +1 Lap

S1GP SuperFinal

Third hole shot for Lukas Hollbacher, who was the fastest at the start. Lukas was in the head of the first three laps in front of Marc Reiner Schmidt who could not defend himself from the tough attack of the TM rider. Schmidt kept the lead of the race, but Hollbacher never gave up chasing him. With four laps to go, there was an incredible turn of events which saw Thomas Chareyre affected by a technical problem which forced him to leave third place to Elia Sammartin. Twists were not over and after the duo crossed the Joker Lane, where the positions remained the same, it seemed like Marc Reiner Schmidt was close to win the race but he slipped at the last corner so the victory went to Lukas Hollbacher. The German rider struggled to start again and was overtaken by team member Elia Sammartin who was second while Schmidt qualified third.

Lukas Hollbacher won the GP of Bulgaria, in front of second qualified Marc Reiner Schmidt and Elia Sammartin, third. In the Rookie the victory of Race2 went to Andreas Buschberger but it was not enough for the overall victory which ended up in the hands of Tim Slazai.

S1GP SuperFinal Top Ten:

HOLLBACHER Lukas (AUT, KTM) 14 laps in 19:15.204; 2. SAMMARTIN Elia (ITA, TM) +13.151; 3. SCHMIDT Marc Reiner (GER, TM) +15.498; 4. SITNIANSKY Milan (CZE, Honda) +17.724; 5. BUSCHBERGER Andreas (AUT, Husqvarna) +19.408; 6. BONNAL Steve (FRA, TM) +21.280; 7. SZALAI Tim (FRA, Husqvarna) +21.921; 8. IVANOV Maykal Grisha (BUL, Husqvarna) +32.199; 9. PROVAZNIK Erik (CZE, TM) +36.479; 10. KRASNIQI Mitja (SUI, TM) +40.844

S1GP SuperFinal Rookie Top Ten:

BUSCHBERGER Andreas (AUT, Husqvarna) 14 laps in 19:34.612; 2. BONNAL Steve (FRA, TM) +01.872; 3. SZALAI Tim (FRA, Husqvarna) +02.513; 4. KRASNIQI Mitja (SUI, TM) +21.436; 5. FIORENTINO Romeo (BEL, Honda) +24.534; 6. REIMER Nicky (USA, TM) +33.045; 7. STUCCHI Andrea (ITA, TM) +36.830; 8. MONTI Jacopo (ITA, Honda) +37.864; 9. IVANOV Veselin (BUL, Honda) +39.285; 10. IVANOV Slavomir (BUL, TM) +1 Lap

S1GP Classification Top Ten:

HOLLBACHER Lukas (AUT, KTM) Pts. 74,000 (0+22+22+30); 2. SCHMIDT Marc Reiner (GER, TM) Pts. 72,000 (1+25+25+21); 3. SAMMARTIN Elia (ITA, TM) Pts. 61,000 (0+18+18+25); 4. SITNIANSKY Milan (CZE, Honda) Pts. 50,000 (0+16+16+18); 5. SZALAI Tim (FRA, Husqvarna) Pts. 44,000 (-1+15+15+14); 6. BUSCHBERGER Andreas (AUT, Husqvarna) Pts. 40,000 (0+11+13+16); 7. CHAREYRE Thomas (FRA, TM) Pts. 40,000 (0+20+20+0); 8. KRASNIQI Mitja (SUI, TM) Pts. 37,000 (-1+14+12+11); 9. BONNAL Steve (FRA, TM) Pts. 34,000 (-1+9+10+15); 10. IVANOV Maykal Grisha (BUL, Husqvarna) Pts. 33,000 (-1+6+14+13)

S1GP Classification Rookie Top Ten:

SZALAI Tim (FRA, Husqvarna) Pts. 71,000 (25+25+21); 2. BUSCHBERGER Andreas (AUT, Husqvarna) Pts. 70,000 (18+22+30); 3. KRASNIQI Mitja (SUI, TM) Pts. 60,000 (22+20+18); 4. BONNAL Steve (FRA, TM) Pts. 58,000 (15+18+25); 5. FIORENTINO Romeo (BEL, Honda) Pts. 50,000 (20+14+16); 6. REIMER Nicky (USA, TM) Pts. 46,000 (16+15+15); 7. STUCCHI Andrea (ITA, TM) Pts. 44,000 (14+16+14); 8. MONTI Jacopo (ITA, Honda) Pts. 38,000 (12+13+13); 9. IVANOV Veselin (BUL, Honda) Pts. 36,000 (13+11+12); 10. IVANOV Slavomir (BUL, TM) Pts. 23,000 (0+12+11)

Complete results available HERE.


Circuit length: 1.740 mt (1.240 mt asphalt, 500 mt Sky-section)

Temperature: 40°

Weather conditions: Sun

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In the photo: S1GP podium