Mettet  (Belgium) 7 October 2023 – The second racing day of the GP of Belgium was very exciting and saw Marc Reiner Schmidt (L30 Racing Tm Factory) achieve two victories and extend to 10 points his advantage over third qualified Lukas Hollbacher (MTR Ktm Racing). Andreas Buschberger was the first of the Rookie.

Race One

At the start of Race One Steve Bonnal (TC4R1 Racing Team) stretched away at the first corner chased by Andreas Buschberger (Husqvarna) but the lead of the duo lasted for just a few meters. After a tough start, in the second corner Marc Reiner Schmidt (L30 Racing Tm Factory) took the lead and it seemed like he could have opened a solid gap over rivals. Lukas Hollbacher (MTR Ktm Racing) started from sixth place of the grid and despite struggling at the start he overtook riders in the first laps and chased his main rival. The Austrian rider recovered tenths of a second lap after lap thanks to a phenomenal speed until he reached Schmidt. Marc Reiner Schmidt made no mistakes and won the first race, not allowing Hollbacher to come forward. Third place went to Andreas Buschberger, first in the Rookie standings. At the end of this race Marc Reiner Schmidt could count on a seven-point advantage over Hollbacher.

S1GP Race 1 Top Ten:

SCHMIDT Marc Reiner (GER, TM) 12 laps in 19:28.929; 2. HOLLBACHER Lukas (AUT, KTM) +00.616; 3. BUSCHBERGER Andreas (AUT, Husqvarna) +16.500; 4. BONNAL Steve (FRA, TM) +17.211; 5. SAMMARTIN Elia (ITA, TM) +17.594; 6. BALTUS Barry (BEL, Kawasaki) +24.068; 7. KAIVERS Romain (BEL, TM) +28.077; 8. SZALAI Tim (FRA, Husqvarna) +31.050; 9. CATHERINE Youry (FRA, Honda) +32.446; 10. SITNIANSKY Milan (CZE, Honda) +32.590

S1GP Race 1 Rookie Top Ten:

BUSCHBERGER Andreas (AUT, Husqvarna) 12 laps in 19:45.429; 2. BONNAL Steve (FRA, TM) +00.711; 3. BALTUS Barry (BEL, Kawasaki) +07.568; 4. SZALAI Tim (FRA, Husqvarna) +14.550; 5. HOAREAU Alexis (FRA, TM) +21.877; 6. KRASNIQI Mitja (SUI, TM) +27.386; 7. FRECH Eddy (GER, KTM) +35.845; 8. PERNAT Gabin (FRA, TM) +42.515; 9. FIORENTINO Romeo (BEL, Honda) +43.546; 10. CATORC Giani (FRA, KTM) +43.842

S1GP FastRace

The Fast Race was very thrilling and offered nine breathtaking laps. Marc Reiner Schmidt (L30 Racing Tm Factory) made no mistakes at the start and took the lead chased by Lukas Hollbacher (KTM Mtr Racing). The first twist happened in the off-road when Schmidt slipped and gave the green light to the Austrian rider. Marc started again from fourth place and worked his way up chasing rivals; after four laps he was back in second. Schmidt tried to make up ground and unfortunately made a mistake and was overtaken by Andreas Buschberger but did not give up and chased Lukas Hollbacher once again. The last thrilling twist happened with a few corners before the finish line when Marc Reiner Schmidt overtook Hollbacher and won the second race of the day. The Ktm rider crossed the finish line with a flat tyre and this may have affected his performance in the final lap of the race.

Marc Reiner Schmidt now has a 10-point advantage over Lukas Hollbacher, but riders still have to challenge in the Super Final.

S1GP FastRace Top Ten:

SCHMIDT Marc Reiner (GER, TM) 9 laps in 14:49.318; 2. HOLLBACHER Lukas (AUT, KTM) +03.922; 3. BUSCHBERGER Andreas (AUT, Husqvarna) +10.591; 4. BONNAL Steve (FRA, TM) +11.998; 5. SAMMARTIN Elia (ITA, TM) +12.581; 6. HOAREAU Alexis (FRA, TM) +24.399; 7. CATHERINE Youry (FRA, Honda) +31.660; 8. BALTUS Barry (BEL, Kawasaki) +31.799; 9. KRASNIQI Mitja (SUI, TM) +33.366; 10. FIORENTINO Romeo (BEL, Honda) +36.139

S1GP FastRace Rookie Top Ten:

BUSCHBERGER Andreas (AUT, Husqvarna) 9 laps in 14:59.909; 2. BONNAL Steve (FRA, TM) +01.407; 3. HOAREAU Alexis (FRA, TM) +13.808; 4. BALTUS Barry (BEL, Kawasaki) +21.208; 5. KRASNIQI Mitja (SUI, TM) +22.775; 6. FIORENTINO Romeo (BEL, Honda) +25.548; 7. PERNAT Gabin (FRA, TM) +29.366; 8. FRECH Eddy (GER, KTM) +37.955; 9. CATORC Giani (FRA, KTM) +39.060; 10. SZALAI Tim (FRA, Husqvarna) +40.230

Time Table

08.45 Warm Up – 14.45 Super Final

Complete results available HERE.


Circuit length: 2043 mt (1.358,5 mt asphalt, 684,5 mt off-raod)

Temperature: 19°

Weather conditions: Sun

The FIM Supermoto Worldchampionship will be broadcasted delayed, by clicking HERE you will obtain the full tv list.

In the photo: Marc-Reiner Schmidt