Castelletto di Branduzzo  (Italy) 14 October 2023 – First day of 2023 FIM Supermoto of Nations.

15 Nations will take part in this edition, with 21 teams and among them there will be 7 Junior teams.

France, defending World Champion, will not be represented by their leader Thomas Chareyre who will miss the event after injuring his right shoulder in a training session. The multiple-time World Champion will still attend the event to support teammates; Steve Bonnal was promoted and left the Junior team but there will be young riders like Alex Horeau, a revelation of the last races. Not only Chareyre will miss the event, but also 2023 World Champion Marc Reiner Schmidt after Sunday’s victory in Mettet decided to undergo surgery to treat a problem to his shoulder. Schmidt will miss his team who will try to be the protagonist considering that the last time Germany stepped on the podium was back in 2017.   Team Germany host also a Junior Team.

Apart from France, one of the favorites, several other nations are competitive as well. Austria, with Lukas Hollbacher, Andreas Buschberger second qualified in the Rookie and Rudolph Bauer will try to reach a result never achieved before in the Trophy of Nations.

Italy has been trying for years to win the Trophy prevailing over their French rivals and will try to do so again at their home track. The last triumph dates back to 2013, this time the team will be led by Elia Sammartin under the direction of Fabrizio Bartolini who joined the National team in 2009. Back then the team slightly missed the victory of the prestigious trophy with few laps before the end because of a technical problem. Luca D’Addato will join the team as well and will face his second convocation.  Italy has also a Junior Team with Frassino, Pompilio and Wegscheider

Among the Junior teams, France will be looking forward to the victory once again with three very strong riders who starred in the World Championship and in the National Championship. The other Junior teams decided to enroll very young riders who are still building their expertise but definitely are the next generation of Supermoto champions.

Fifth team classified in 2022 is Team Belgium with Romain Kaivers, Romeo Fiorentino and Sebastien Bouillon, Belgium has also a junior team with Nicolas Vandomelle, Louis Vande Velde and Noah Champagne.

Out of the outsiders for the podium is Team Switzerland that will be represented by Raoul Tschupp, Randy Gotzl and Mitja Krasniqi, Switzerland will have also the Junior Team with Luca Maldoff,  Ruedi Gall and Mathieu Romanens.

Next country on the entry list is Team Sweden with Kevin Karlsson, Thomas Gillison and Eric Lindroth.

Country number nine on the starting list is Team Estonia with the experienced riders Patrick Pals, Eero Madisson and Aksel Pärtelpoeg.

Many nations will try to break the supremacy detained by France which can count eight victories in a row.

Others Nations are Portugal with two teams, Spain, Czech Republic, USA, Greece, Lithuania and Australia.


Saturday: 8.45 S1oN Junior Free Practice;  9.20 Free Practice Group Rider1 ; 9.55 Free Practice Group Rider 2; 10.30 Free Practice Group Rider 3; S1oN Junior Time Practice 11.45; 12.20 Time Practice Group Rider1 ; 12.55 Time Practice Group Rider 2; 13.30 Time Practice Group Rider 3; 14.20 S1oN Junior Qualifying Races; 15:05 Qualifying Group Rider 1; 16:05 Qualifying Group Rider 2; 17.05 Qualifying Group Rider 3

Sunday: 12.20 S1oN Junior Race 1; 13:05 Race 1 / Rider 1 + Rider 2; 15:05 Race 2 / Rider 2 + Rider 3 ; 15.50 S1oN Junior Race 2; 16:35 Race 3 Rider 1 + Rider 3; Prize Giving Ceremony