Martigny (Switzerland), 2 February 2024 – After participating in the entire Supermoto World Championship last year with a trio of Italian riders, for the new season Team Undici has expanded the number of its riders competing in the S1GP internationalizing itself to the point of having as many as five riders foreigners.

In fact, some protagonists of the 2023 races will be lined up on the grid by the team with excellent prospects for 2024.

The Frenchman Steve Bonnal, winner of the 2023 Rookie Cup and fifth overall in the S1GP and who has all the qualities to further climb the rankings will wear the Team Eleven colours and the other strong young French rider Tim Slazai will also be part of the team , third in the Rookie Cup and eighth in the 2023 S1GP, as well as the Belgian Roman Kaivers, ninth in the S1GP last season.

The promising young German rider Nick Haufe is also added to the group, who will compete for the entire season for the first time, and Jan Ulman will then make his debut in the SuperMoto World Championship, the very young promise from the Czech Republic after the experience already had with Team Undici at S1oN, chosed to be followed by the Italian team also in the Supermoto World Championship, aiming to do well especially in the Rookie Cup.

Nico Grazioli will then be there as a wild card rider for the Italian round of the S1GP World Championship, while we will have the very young Leonardo Lapadula who will do the entire Junior Championship.

Marta Stecca, Team Undici Team Manager, said : “The conditions for doing well are all there, with so many talented young riders who will be followed by Team Undici!”

In the photo: from letf to right; Mauro Berva, Team Undici founding member and Nico Grazioli, rider and founding partner



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